These include Cmaj9, Cmin9, Csus2, Csus4, Cmaj7, Cmajor/add 9, and.

EASY CHORDS TO BEAUTIFUL CHORDS - Brandon D'EonYou already know how to play these chords, so let's make them a bit more beautiful shall we?e-Books I’ve writt. me/p5RO0X-2yU🎸GET THE TAB: https://www.

Beautiful was written by Linda Perry and originally recorded by Christina Aguilera in 2001 with the single release on Nov 16, 2002 from the album Stripped.

While strumming these chords, you also want to put effort in.

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Difficulty: intermediate. The chords shown below are not particular beginner chords, so don’t get discouraged if you can’t play all of these right on the spot. .

. Also called “Suspended” chord, the Sus4 is an.



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(Chorus) E B so as. .

me/p5RO0X-2yU🎸GET THE TAB: https://www.
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This chord is played with the root note, major 3rd, perfect 5ht, major 7th, and major 9th.

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To get some relief, I use a C-shaped Eb chord. . F Godanhan harul bonaetd F eon geudae.

So don't you bring me down today. . C#. Easier in D Major: Easier chords to play on guitar. Chords in D Major: D, D7, Bm, Bm7, Gm, Em. Beautiful Chords.

Gsus4 Chord.

Because the chord Eb has a G inside it, we can use the open G string. .


Dec 14, 2020 · There is no strumming pattern for this song yet.


D G A Baby you light up my world like nobody else D G A The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed D G Asus4 A But you when smile at the ground it aint hard to tell D G You don't know oh oh.