Troubleshooting - Overvoltage has been detected on Grid.

Switch the Solar Supply Main Switch (AC) ON first.

Oct 8, 2019 · One relatively common fault is over-voltage, often shown as “OV” or “OU” or similar, and often with an accompanying description of “DC Link Overvoltage”. .



OV trip levels for all drives that apply to this FAQ? Example: OV fault occurs at 800 VDC or 565 VAC on 460V models. Looks like by the readings its only stopped fo. You may have to register before you can post: click the register.

Mar 26, 2019 · Fault - 3 - OV-G-V: Over Grid Voltage; Fault - 4 - UN-G-V: Under Grid Voltage; Fault - 5 - OV-G-F: Over Grid Frequency; Fault - 6 - No Grid; Fault - 7 - OV-DC: DC voltage is too high; Fault - 8 - OV-BUS: DC BUS voltage is too high; Fault - 10 - GRID-INTF: Grid Unstable; Fault - 11 - INI-Fault: Initialization Protection; Fault - 12 - OV-TEM.

. . 004 is set to “Fast” if a DBR is being used.

Falla OV-BUS; Falla GRID-INTF & GRID-INTF02; No-Grid - El inversor no reconoce la red. Note: On smaller drives with a LED segment display such as the V1000 and J1000, a DC Bus Overvoltage fault will appear as oU.

OV-DC: DC voltage is too high • Inverter detects High DCV: Test – DC switch OFF • Check DC at the inverter test points • If DCV is high, too many panels in the string Test – DC.


To measure bus voltage, meter across DC bus terminals + bus to - bus. .

. An AFCI or Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter is a device used to detect arcing in an electrical circuit and to interrupt the flow of current.

The OS-Img-MGR is using hw_disk_bus: scsi as the default configuration for the value of hw_disk_bus.
Grid tie solar panel inverterWhen opening electricals: heed the usual advice when working with live electricity and charged capacitors.



Looks like by the readings its only stopped fo. Deep investigation to find this fault. Looks like by the readings its only stopped fo.

. The oV trip point is approximately: 410 VDC for a 200 V class drive; 820 VDC for a 400 V class drive. . No pueden ser reparados por el cliente. A cure to this problem is to locate the vigilante process and restart it.


. OV fault occurs at 1000VDC or 707VAC on 575V models.

A CDBR (Dynamic Braking) unit.

3V power supply, and external clock source.


Internal damage.

OV-BUS La falla OV-BUS es causada por sobretensión en la barra de bus de DC interna del inversor.